Welcome to the Cumberland County Crisis/Hostage Action Team (CCCHAT) website, located at www.ccchat.org.  My name is

Thomas M. Perrotti, and I am a sergeant with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department in Bridgeton, NJ.


This website is intended to be an open forum for members of Crisis/Hostage Negotiations teams and Crisis/Hostage Negotiators operating in Cumberland County, New Jersey.  I hope we can share techniques and speak about incidents in which we have been involved or organize training sessions.  Hopefully we will all have opportunities to work and train with each other.


Training is expensive both in money and manpower for departments.  Attorney General Guidelines and other training eats into the work day, and departments are often unable to accommodate individual requests for training.  I would like to see CCCHAT work with the  law enforcement agencies in the county in an effort to close any gap that may exist in Crisis/Hostage Negotiations training. . 


Although CCCHAT is intended for Crisis/Hostage negotiators in Cumberland County, NJ, all negotiators are welcome.  Eligible members will include Crisis/Hostage Negotiators from within Cumberland County, NJ.  Also eligible for membership are Crisis/Hostage Negotiators from other law enforcement agencies that operate on a regular basis in Cumberland County.


  If you wish to access the website of a Law Enforcement Agency operating in Cumberland County please click here.


I created this site in order to promote Crisis/Hostage Negotiations within Cumberland County, NJ and to network the certified negotiators within the county.  CCCHAT will operate for the furthering of Crisis/Hostage Negotiation awareness and training in Cumberland County. Hopefully we can share experiences, offer support for negotiators after an incident, share information and techniques with one another and apply for grants from within the organization.  I have the website set up, but if you wish to have a truly effective organization with regularly scheduled meetings, elections of officers, bylaws and the like you should join CCCHAT.


I would like to schedule regular meetings and training sessions of CCCHAT, with critiques from outside monitors.  All that is needed is to have a few negotiators get together and discuss what it is we really want to see in CCCHAT.  We can help answer the questions such as, "What is the NCNA?  What is HOBAS and how can it be used?"  If you don't know, or would like to know more, contact me and maybe we can make CCCHAT an organization worth joining. .



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If you wish to join CCCHAT, please advise me and I will set up a ccchat.org EMail account for you.


           EMail me with any questions or comments at ccchat@ccchat.org


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